The Armband

Similar to the belt system in martial arts, the armband denotes your stage of progression in dance. Each level has its own requirements and you need to fulfill most of them in order to graduate.

The Apprenticeship System

Unlike other studios, Mambo Club is a non-profit entity; our passion is to produce great dancers and our system is modeled after apprenticeship in traditional martial arts. There are no fees involved in the personal training; however, your progress is dependent on you, some graduates in months, whereas others never graduates at all. Here is a list of all the armbands.

1 on 1 Feedback

Since booking space is difficult on campus, it is not feasible to run an advanced class. Also due to the skill level discrepancy of individuals in the intermediate class, it is not possible to dive into advanced topics. To progress on an individual level, we have to rely on form check videos (shadow boxing). Upon reviewing these videos, your instructor will be able to identify bad habits/mistakes and will be able to correct them in person after class during the practice session.


Green Armband

- attending intermediate class & shows up to practice regularly
- has purchased dance shoes and have gone out social dancing
- have sent at least 10 form check videos
- have mastered suspension
- helped out during club events
- leads: can lead the graduation pattern with ease
- follows: can perform the paper technique during inside turns 

Average graduation time is 2 - 3 semesters unless you are a dance prodigy. Once you have your armband, you no longer have to pay for classes.  You are now a class Teaching Assistant.

Red Armband

- have selected an "idol" for patterns and styling
- have posted at least 10 partnered videos
- have helped teach the beginner classes 
- goes out social dancing regularly
- have mastered advanced basics and the applications of advanced basics 
- leads: have mastered the CC, your idol's patterns and combo design
- follows: have mastered your idol's styling and body isolations

Once you have your red band, you have the option to teach the classes.