Advanced Basics Applications

Applying advanced basics (hips) into your dancing can increase your dance aura significantly.  Generally speaking, when you are spinning, there isn't much hip motion you can do because you are stabilizing your core.  Therefore we want to maximize our hip motions outside of spinning such as possible during basics, cross body leads and any time we have 3 empty beats.

Lead's CBL

As the lead is generally focusing on leading, he usually will not have much hip motion as the follows; however, this does not mean they give up their weight transfer completely.  Pay attention to Anthony from Addicted2Salsa, his hips from the video and how he makes the most of it in street salsa.

A common mistake the lead does is slanting his foot sideways and lands completely flat, losing all weight transfer/ball-heel suspension.  All forward step is usually toe first because it marks a change in direction.  If you are doing basics, you are changing your direction from forward to backwards.  if you are doing a CBL, you are changing your direction from forward to sideways. 

Nery's video (full version here) shows the ball-of-the-feet pivot in his dance.  It is the same weight transfer as in advanced basics; a momentary but intentional valgus knee movement.

Follow's CBL

For the follow's CBL, the advanced basics hip movements stays the same, ie. the hip will flip back and forth like a steering wheel.  The only difference is the "lean" is significantly reduced as there is minimal side ways motion to encourage it.

Charlene's demo is a good start to understand how to rotate the hips during a CBL.  You don't have to worry about the head swing or the double hip twirl; those are just added bonuses.  

Addicted2Salsa's video shows how to carry on your momentum during a CBL exit.  This is important in understanding the prep step and the booty roll that some of your idols will have. 

The last vid again shows how to torque the hips during a CBL.  The added bonus here is the Natural Top sweep and also her paper-tech among other styling possibilities.  Note how she comes out of the sweep; the exit is the torque that Charlene is demonstrating.

Hip Prep for Doubles

As we want to maximize hip motion whenever possible, we can use the 3 beats before the double spin to achieve this goal.  There are many ways of getting into the prep step, what is important is the position on the 3.  That pose is universal and it ensures that you spin with both feet together (instead of paddling or lifting one foot up).  Consult your 'idol' on ways of getting to the 3.